Ultra X ViS 8K-Playout Server

Vietex Media bringt den Ultra-X ViS Video-Playout-Server für Wissenschaft- und  Broadcastkunden. Der Server wird technisch auf Kundenwunsch konfiguriert und bleibt trotz seiner Hochleistung wegen der Skalierbarkeit kostengünstig.

Our HD-Ultra-X ViS 8K Playout server is a customized, cost driven broadcast tool for Broadcast-Playout and Automation

ULTRA-X ViS is a video processing server software for broadcasting in SD, HD, 4K, 8K standards from video files of different formats and codecs:

Supported file format: mxf, mov, mp4, mpg, avi, ts, flv, prores

Supported audio codec:  raw pcm, mp2, mp3, aac

Supported video codec: mpeg2, h264, h265, vp8, vp9.

(AV1 codec requires Nvidia ampere family)

Output resolutions:

SD Video Standards: 525i59.94 NTSC, 625i50 PAL up to 8Kp23.98 DCI, 8Kp24 DCI, 8Kp25 DCI, 8Kp29.97 DCI, 8Kp30 DCI, 8Kp47.95 DCI, 8Kp48 DCI, 8Kp50 DCI, 8Kp59.94 DCI, 8Kp60 DCI

Scalable Hardware plattforms using diiference video cards: Matrox, Deltacast and Blackmagic Design

One of our customer worldwide  is the well-known codec-developer/manufacturer Mainconcept GmbH in Aachen Germany, who use the server as a countinuos-8k-source for it laboratory. This system has been designed on a HP-Workstation Z4.


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